Community projects: what are they and how do they impact people?


Community projects are, nowadays, one of the most frequently used for the development of activities for the benefit of a specific community, for the resolution of specific problems or needs. Through their development, they seek to improve the quality of life of a region, country or locality.

But unlike social projects, in community projects the people who will benefit play an important role in the execution of the plan, because they actively participate in its development. In other words, in community projects, it is the inhabitants of the area themselves who will carry out the productive activities.

The purpose of community projects is to use tools and resources directly to solve a problem that directly affects a community. In this sense, this type of project seeks to transform a need into an area of opportunity, a problem into an action plan that directly benefits people.

And for a community project to be successful and have the expected impact, it is necessary to take into account factors such as:

  • The traditions, expressions and cultural identity of the community.

  • Knowledge of the local environment, as well as data collection and analysis from and for the community.

  • The identification of the type of relationships that exist between the different people and groups that make up this social group.

  • The type of interaction of individuals with the social, economic and natural environment.

  • The definition of the real needs of this social group, as well as the areas of opportunity in their environment.

Once the process of defining the project has advanced, the action plan has been established, the resources are available to carry it out and the community is involved in its execution, it is time to get down to work. Of course, promoting a social project may not be a quick or easy task, and in the process it is necessary to have well defined the objectives to be achieved.

In the case of community projects, the basic objectives that each project should have are:

  • Transforming the reality of a community.

  • Take a problem or need to solve it through an idea.

  • Improve the quality of life of a sector of society.

  • Empowering the most vulnerable groups, giving them the knowledge to perform tasks that directly impact their lives in a positive way.

  • Preserve the identity, uses and customs of a community and take advantage of them as an area of opportunity for its growth.

Of course, the basis of community projects is to seek social welfare, involving the social group that seeks to benefit and empowering or training them. In this type of project, the intervention of external people or agents is reduced, who act mainly as companions or guides while they acquire the necessary knowledge to carry out the planned activities.

Therefore, the development of a community project requires people who are committed to a cause, who are willing to invest their time, knowledge and effort to improve the quality of life and the growth of the community. It is here where the profile of social entrepreneurs appears as the main agent of change.

The Cemex - Tec Award is a space in which, for the past 11 years, many social entrepreneurs have presented community projects that seek to transform social reality. If you have a plan with which you want to support the development of communities, stay tuned for the next call and participate, remember that your ideas can change the world!