Mexican entrepreneurship winners of the Cemex - Tec Award


The talent, commitment and ingenuity of entrepreneurs knows no borders or limits, and this has been demonstrated throughout the 11 years in which the Cemex - Tec Award has known the ideas and projects from all over the world that have participated in the calls for entries.

In 2020 alone, when the third edition was held with an international call for entries, a total of 1,678 projects from 61 countries were registered in one of the four categories of the award: Transforming Communities, Social Entrepreneurs, Community Entrepreneurship and Collaborative Action.

In these, many Mexican projects have stood out for their social commitment, ingenuity, projections and everything they have to contribute to build a better world. In these years, we have known great ideas of national entrepreneurs who have won.

One example is "Conservation and Production of Vanilla in the Sierra de Otontepec, Veracruz", which won in 2018 in the category Transforming Communities. This project is in charge of the student of Biological and Agricultural Sciences, Enrique López Avilés, and the biologist Rosa Esteban Santiago, advised by Dr. Pablo Elorza Martínez. All of them are collaborators of the Pedro and Elena Hernández Foundation.

Through this proposal, they are working to strengthen and increase the cultivation of vanilla, which has been gradually disappearing from the central mountainous region of the state of Veracruz. With this, in addition to the conservation of vanilla in this area, they collaborate with the strengthening of the economy of rural families in this region.

Another of the many Mexican projects that have stood out in the Cemex - Tec Award is "Hope Truck, cooking new stories", an idea originating from the states of Baja California and Chiapas, which in 2019 was the winner in the category of Collaborative Action.

The Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, Restaurantes Toks S.A. de C.V., Fundación Educación Superior-Empresa, A.C., USAID, Centro de Prevención Social de la Violencia y la Delincuencia con Participación Ciudadana de Baja California y de Chiapas.

Hope Truck" seeks to prevent violence and delinquency through an innovative alternative that gives young people with addiction problems or problems with the law the opportunity to reintegrate into their communities and strengthen their psycho-emotional capacities through job opportunities focused on gastronomy.

In 2020, of the 33 winners of the Cemex - Tec Award, 9 were Mexican. Among them is "Construyendo y Creciendo", an initiative led by Roxana Fabris that won in the Social Entrepreneurship category. For 14 years, this project has been providing educational opportunities for construction workers.

Its model consists of the installation of study rooms inside the constructions, so that workers can study in the same place where they work. In these classrooms, literacy and education classes are offered at the primary, secondary and high school levels, as well as computer and job training courses.

Until 2021, "Building and Growing" has served more than 26,400 students, of which more than 9,100 have graduated. This project reaches 16 states of the republic, where more than 40,300 services have been provided.

These three projects are just a sample of the great ideas that we have known in Mexico throughout these years of life of the Cemex - Tec Award. In 2021, it will be no exception, as we will have the opportunity to meet those great ideas that seek to transform the reality of our country.