What lessons has the pandemic taught us?


At the end of 2019, the world began to hear about a virus that was spreading in China, a disease that we didn't know about, that we didn't know what it could cause. A few months later, this virus began to spread across countries and transformed the lives of the entire planet.

Since then, we have had to face an adverse scenario, unknown situations, the loss of loved ones, economic and labor instability, the paralysis of productive activities, social distancing, among many other things.

Therefore, we have had to adapt to a new context, to be able to carry out our activities in a scheme of new normality, because the world will not be like before, or at least not in the near future. And in the productive, labour, business and entrepreneurial sector, we have also had to face the transformation.

In these months of a long and challenging journey, what lessons have we learned? Some of them are:

  • Being open to change is indispensable

Something that has marked this pandemic context is that we have had to learn to adapt to change, even accelerated change. This has led us to develop or strengthen our ability to adapt, to understand that there are many factors out of our hands that can transform everything.

In these months, we have learned that changes can happen, and we must be open to these stages and look for solutions to face them and come out of them stronger.

  • Technology is our ally, but it is not a substitute for human efforts.

Although the use of technological resources has been key to keep many activities running, for many it was not easy to rely on its benefits due to fear, misinformation or distrust. However, no technological resource can replace the talent, effort and dedication of human beings.

Although technology became our great ally in the context of the pandemic, automating or digitizing some processes allows us to focus our efforts on performing tasks that require ingenuity, skills, creativity and people's work, something that technological tools do not have.

  • Always have a plan of action and response.

Every organization may have its processes very well defined, but when an external factor comes to change everything, many of them have to respond based on improvisation. This happened at the beginning of the pandemic in many companies or projects, and although many managed to overcome, others suffered greatly in this process and were affected.

This led us to learn that we cannot have everything under control, there will always be adverse situations that will test us, and we must be prepared with a plan of action and response to face new challenges.

  • We learned the importance of learning

One thing that the current situation has shown us is that, although we may know a lot of things about our activities, there will always be something new to learn in order to respond to the challenges we face and to move projects forward.

For example, the pandemic forced us to maintain social distancing and we had to learn to carry out our activities from confinement, use technological tools, improve our communication with others, among many other things that have helped us to move forward.

We live in times of change, of accelerated transformation that has demanded much more from us than we thought we could give. Despite this, we have strengthened ourselves, we have moved forward and we have learned many things along the way. And in this sense, we must have the willingness and desire to continue acquiring knowledge to make any project a reality.