CEMEX-TEC Center among the 5 Tec de Monterrey projects that are transforming Mexico


On January 30, 2019, within the 49th Research and Development Congress of Tecnológico de Monterrey University, the award ceremony of the "5 Tec projects that are transforming Mexico" was held.

Within these 5 transformative projects is the CEMEX-TEC Center for the Development of Sustainable Communities, which was created in 2010 through an alliance between both institutions. The purpose of the Center is to promote sustainability in the communities through applied research, innovation and social entrepreneurship programs, creating opportunities for cooperation within the academia, civil society and the public and private sectors, in order to raise the quality of life in rural and urban environments.

The characteristics that fulfilled the awarded projects were: to be multidisciplinary, to have a significant degree of progress, to have a verifiable social impact, to have a robust experimental design, to have testimonies from the beneficiary communities, to have involved graduate students, and to have external collaboration .

"Welfare is not the solution, we apply a model of participatory community intervention that ensures the sense of belonging that is generated with external resources," said Mario Manzano, leader of the CEMEX-TEC Center by the Tecnológico de Monterrey University.

The award event was preceded by Salvador Alva, David Garza and Arturo Molina, directors of the Tec de Monterrey University.

Through the CEMEX-TEC Center, they have been impacted to:

  • More than 1,200 youngsters trained as environmental promoters
  • 76 projects of social entrepreneurs promoted
  • More than 1,300 people certified in self-construction

For more information about this recognition and the other winning projects, you can visit: https://transferencia.tec.mx/2019/02/07/los-5-proyectos-del-tec-que-estan-transformando-a- Mexico/