CEMEX-Tec Award Extends Call Due to COVID-19


MONTERREY, MEXICO. MAY 21, 2020 - Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CEMEX-Tec Award 2020 announced its decision to extend the call for applications for its 10th edition until June 30, 2020, for more projects to join and inspire more people to be part of one of the most important entrepreneurial communities worldwide.


"We are committed to supporting all of those social agents of change who work every day to find solutions to their communities’ current challenges. We know that this crisis will leave its mark around the world, and today more than ever, we need to work collaboratively to strengthen social impact projects," said Martha Herrera, CEMEX's Global Director of Responsible Business and Director of the CEMEX-Tec Center for Sustainable Community Development.


Accounting for the current environment and to ensure everyone’s safety, the CEMEX-Tec Award 2020 will shift its training space for entrepreneurs, known as Experience Week, from a face-to-face to a virtual format. In addition to seed capital, the Award winners will continue to receive specialized training, mentoring, and opportunities to interact remotely with entrepreneurs and partners.


"The changes to our Experience Week have been performed hand in hand with our incredible allies and experts on social innovation. Together, we have designed a virtual program that fosters community participation and interaction among the winners. Through this innovative approach, we know that Experience Week 2020 will remain a very enriching experience for our winners,” explained Martha Herrera. 


Participation in one of the Award’s four different categories presents the opportunity to impact and inspire more people and initiatives globally, as well as to create partnerships that help achieve socio-environmental changes that are needed today more than ever for society’s sustainable development.


Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the CEMEX-Tec Award continues to promote initiatives in diverse areas such as the environment, innovation, education, technology, and inclusion, among others, and aims to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of people around the world.


The CEMEX-Tec Award 2020 will receive applications until June 30 through the website: www.cdcs.com.mx/es/cemextec_award.



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For further information regarding the CEMEX-Tec Award and the application process, visit or contact:


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CEMEX is not responsible for the content of any third-party website or webpage referenced to or accessible through this press release. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, CEMEX does not guarantee that it will be possible to hold the CEMEX-TEC Award event.